360 Spin Mop Bucket in Pakistan

360 Spin Mop Price in Pakistan

360 Spin Mop Bucket in Pakistan

Do you want a modern way of cleaning your home? Here we represent a 360 Spin Mop Bucket in Pakistan for you. It’s not just a mop it’s an inclusive cleaning strategy that flows out germs-filled dirty water away. No further touching dirty, unsafe disgusting mop and no more getting down on your hands and knees. And there’s no requirement to clear and scrub because this mop will help you to do this task. Whether you have poured coffee, soda, or ketchup this mop clear it all in just one pass.

Excellent Absorber Spinning Mop:

Our spinning microfiber mop grabs out the liquid and junk so you’re not going to push the junk, but precisely snatching it up in the microfiber fingers. These mops are excellent absorbers and pick up 10% of its weight in dirty, unsanitary fluid. The nasty fluid is imprisoned inside the microfiber and does not leak.

360 Spin Mop Price in Pakistan
360 Spin Mop Price in Pakistan


Our spinning mop is very easy to use. Spin mop lays flat so you will never have to lean over and shift furniture. Handily reaches under the tables, couches, and further without having to change positions of anything. There’s no back-breaking work. Just dunk the mop head into the water reserve and then point in the spinning basket. Press down the pedal to shake away unpleasant water. You will love how it shows up against the cabinets, behind your toilets, and other unthinkable areas that your old mop can never enter, and also it won’t evacuate marks or scratch floors.

Effective Surface Purifier:

It can use on the hard texture like tiles, wooden floor, laminate flooring, cement surface, etc. It will clear away all the dirt and sterilize your floors, even though you can add your favorite cleaning antidotes of bleach to the spin bucket.


It can be placed in a small area and easy to store. The spinning mop is portable and easy to handle, convenient for you. It does not require any batteries.

Hands-free Wringing:

Hands-Free Wringing is made to donate you with an easy and hassle-free tidying awareness.

Product Description:

If your mop head isn’t neat, then you’re not cleaning your floors. You’re circulating dirty water festering bacteria. If you can mop with the neat mop head after each swoop in your bucket. The spinning mop is a tidying method that swirls out dirty water from your mop head. The dirty water collects in the bucket, you are prepared to clean the floor with a dirt-free microfiber mop. The hurricane group gives you the best buying tidying products that make your work easy and fast. Swirl away dirt from your mop head with the award-winning hurricane spin mop cleaning procedure, put up sweeping to the next level when you use a spinning broom, blows away the dirt with the spin scrubber, and brush off fuzz and lint from fabric 2x faster.


The included mop bucket adopts patented spinning technology that swirl out dirty water, quitting with a sterile mop head. Dunk your mop in your bucket like you would generally do. The centrifugal force from dispels dirty water from the microfiber mop head. The faster you push your foot on the pedal, the faster the bucket spins. Be sensible not to spin too fast. 360 Spin Mop Bucket in Pakistan features a 360-degree pivoting mop head that sweeps the tightest furniture gaps. 360 spin mop price in Pakistan has several appliances available including a super-soft microfiber duster head.

The spinning mop with a bucket is like a washing machine for your mop. It shows a built-in washing spinner at the bottom of the bucket. The spin mop’s wringer basket is made up of reliable stainless steel. It also facilitates a built-in and a removable easy to restore soap dispenser. Sliding handles and wheels on the bottom of the bucket allow for manageable moving from one room to another. Clean your house faster yes it’s true!

Gone are the days of putting unreasonable effort in order to cause out water from your mop. Now you can save time and energy. The Press system authorizes you to spin-off extra water with only one move just push the handle against the bucket spinner mopping made manageable for even Junior and seniors. If you are sick of dirty splash spray on your floors while spin-drying in the bucket then our splash guard stainless steel wringer bucket is going to make your day a breeze. The spin mop needs your minimum struggle to install each part. The microfiber mop head is washable and replaceable with a low maintenance cost. High-quality foot pedal designed to activate spin wringing, allowing the level of condensation to be controlled. Use wet for a deep clean or use dry for swabbing floors and other surfaces.

Ease of Use

The spinning mop is light weight and easy to use. Also it is very easy to clean and it’s not expensive so you don’t need to worry about the cost of this mop. This mop does not need much space. It can be placed anywhere easily Hands-Free Wringing is made to provide you with an easy and hassle-free cleaning experience. This Spin Mop procedure is ideal for all Hard Floors with no bending down or wet hand important. This Super Value Kit allows you to control the amount of water.

Echo friendly material and no power consumption. You don’t need electricity for this mop. It has high-efficiency cleaning. The mop head motions 360-degree and skillfully clean and place in your home, office, or restaurant. It’s rather too simple to use that even for a child can do it.

Conclusion/Should you buy this 360 spin mop?

It also uses as a dust remover when it’s dry. You can clean television, computers or furniture. Spinning mop performance is outstanding you can save your time and no back-breaking work. Just put the mop heads into the dehydrate basket then pushing the mop rod to make the mop head rotate and being dry. It has high quality and productive. Also it is prefect for workplace with streak-free and squeaky clean floors. Ready to store cleaning accompaniments like sponges, gloves, or brushes so you won’t have to go searching for them. People are going crazy for these on facebook.

Here is the link to buy it on discounted price : 360 Spin Mop Bucket

Did I Miss Something?

Now I’d like to hear from you. Which room would you like to clean with this amazing 360 Spin Mop Bucket first?

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