Store Your Spices In Air Tight Container with 3 Partitions

airtight jars with lid and three partition

Transparent Air Tight Container with 3 Partitions


This airtight container is a remarkable closing off set up for manageable storage. It will enable you to stock your food and conserve them safely. Now you can ready your kitchen look sharp and massive. The airtight container arrives with a wonderful characteristic. They have incredible colors, also comes with an amazing structure. This is safe and easy to clean, also has a triple partition so you can store your dry fruits or your seeds, and much more.


This airtight container is safe to store food items, baby foods, spices, coffee beans, etc. These containers are unbreakable, BPA free, Food safe, airtight, transparent, easy opening, rust-free, dishwasher safe, and heavy-duty food-grade body with superior break resistance. These containers are made from polyethylene and free from any kind of odor.

3 Section Container:

These airtight containers are an excellent way for you to store anything from cereal, flour snacks, and beans to coffee, sugar, tea, or anything else you’d like. Also, this container is a space saver for your kitchen cabinet. It can be used to store various food items as per your wish. This airtight container keeps three types of food in the same container without mixing.

Secure Locking:

The airtight container provides a parcel that contains 1 piece of the food storage container with 3 categories. You can conserve 3 varieties of foods, grains, pulses, cereals, flour, snacks, dry fruits, rice, pasta, biscuits in the same jar without mixing. The three clip locks to close the lid safely on the container. So the dust will not enter the container and will keep the food stable.

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Rotatable Lid:

The airtight container is specially made with rotating features. You can generally rotate the lid to select 1 particular food item and at that time another 2 compartments remain closed. The divider present inside makes the container to store three different food items without mixing one with each other. The lids of this container make it as complete airtight.

Wide Top:

This container provides you with the wide top method, easy to open, and screw lid. The airtight containers allow you to access the items quickly and easily. The containers are transparent so no more wasting time opening 10 different containers to find the right ingredient and the right container is just a glance away.


These airtight containers give you remarkable features that will make your work effortless and simple. These containers are reusable and composed of food-grade material. This airtight container has a see-through. These containers are dishwasher safe, sturdy, and refillable. The lid has an airtight seal that retains the foods fresh for long. The dispenser tray can swivel and a hole pours out only the foods that you need. This container also has three clip locks for secure closure.

Easy To Clean:

The airtight container is very simple to clean. You can wash them underwater, use a wet piece of cloth to wipe them and even they are dishwasher safe. The lids are also removable so that you can easily access the container’s interiors and refill or clean them.

Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar
Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar

Cylindrical Layout:

These airtight containers have round cylindrical patterns with a transparent body which helps to store more space in your kitchen cabinet. And it can be easily stackable with one another for saving more space. This container also provides you a firm grip while holding the container. The transparent body of this container enables us to find the content more skillfully.


The airtight container is constructed of PE material, eco-friendly, scentless, nonallergic, we generated an airtight container that enables you to ensure food longer and prevent them from tiding and dirty and maintain your food fresh. These containers are reusable, washable, and waterproof, leak-proof, you can also organize it in your refrigerator. This product is safe for your children.

Sale! Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar
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These airtight containers are very lightweight and tremendous. They are very quick and powerful. This will make your work manageable and instant. These containers are convenient, reliable, healthy, washable, and reusable.


Are you tired of leaving food into an odorous container and can’t find the right item? Want to have a good mood? Still, upsetting about organizing your kitchen? No need to worry about now, here we create our new airtight container that will allow you to want to organize your kitchen and maintain your food healthy and effortless to store. This will enhance the glance of your kitchen and will not leave any kind of awful smell. Enjoy your meal with your family and friends.


These airtight containers suit for saving candies, nuts, tea, cookies, biscuits, and dry fruits. They can also be adopted for stocking seeds, peanuts, and other items. This is considerable for your food saver, category, and storage. This is excellent for leftovers, snacks, preparing meals, or anything around the kitchen.

Simple Storage:

This airtight container is leak-proof, strong, healthy, keep food fresh, appeared in tremendous color, waterproof, you can wash them, you can take them anywhere you want to. This container does not need much place, can be placed in small areas and most of all the cheap and wonderful, gorgeous.

Perfect For You:

This airtight container is non-toxic, food-grade plastic. They are easy to clean, freezer-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe, and dishwasher safe. These containers are BPA-free. So don’t worry about it now you can store your food in these wonderful containers.

Transparent Plastic 3 Partition Airtight Food Container
Transparent Plastic 3 Partition Airtight Food Container

Environmental Friendly:

The material used in this airtight container is environmentally friendly, not harmful to the human body aspects. These containers are odor-free and don’t let other dirty junk to enter the containers. This is non-toxic, PP grade food, and is 100% safe for you.


These airtight containers can be used in several ways. These containers are stable and durable storage option for your food. The airtight containers are formulated to be odor-free plus maintaining the aroma and taste of your stored items intact. You can stock a combination of foods ranging from cereals, spices, dry fruits, pulses to salt, sugar, snacks, etc. The configuration of the containers also features a clear cylindrical design, helping you to maintain a firmer grip when pouring out contents for serving or cooking.

Fresh Food:

These airtight containers enable your food to be fresh and your food will not be spoil for a long time, also it will not leave any disturbing smell. We suggest you use these containers. You can place them anywhere you want. These containers are washable, no need to worry about it will make your life easier.

Sale! Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar
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Chemical Free:

The airtight container is reasonable to clean and reusable. They are made with the highest quality chemical-free material. Each container is reliable and insured. They are hand washable and durable.

Long Time Use:

This airtight container can be used for a long time. These containers are terrific, dust-free, meet your long term usage. This is also desirable for your kitchen.


These airtight containers are portable, reliable, and cheap. This can be used in numerous and tremendous strategies. It will help you a lot and no mess in the kitchen. Our containers are prepared in a proficiency that also caters to other brands.

House Warming Party:

If somebody invited you to a house warming party this is a considerable gift for them to give because will glare tremendously in their kitchen. This will enable them to establish their kitchen and other items and this provides a terrific look. They will completely cherish your gift and brings a startling smile on their faces.

Easy To Use:

This airtight container is easy to unlock and lock when you use it, and it furthermore safeguards food. Safe trending reusable container must-have in any kitchen, household or take it on the go with absolutely zero waste. Each container is large with an airtight lock they can be put in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.


This airtight container gives you a reasonable 3 compartment. These containers will not conk out handily and it will not slip from your hand. These containers are waterproof. No need to concern about that water will reach inside the container and will spoil your food. This will keep them safe and healthy for a very long duration.

Easy To Carry:

This airtight container includes numerous procedures for the kitchen. It helps amazingly and effortless to rinse. They are small, reliable, durable, and simple to carry.

Kitchen Establishment:

It’s constantly worthy of retaining your kitchen embellishment. This container helps you to keep your food safe. You can rinse and use many times. They have a wonderful color and will look elegant in your kitchen. Also, store different types of food in these containers and you can put them in your cabinets, shelves, etc.

No Hazard Purchase:

Our organization is giving satisfactory high-quality outputs with the significant-quality appliance. It is not costly and has a reasonable rate, will look incredible in your home. They will help you to establish your kitchen. You will receive the product as shown in the image.

Did I Miss Something?

We have given you all the details about this incredible airtight container. Let us know how you would like to use this airtight container in the comments down below!

Sale! Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar
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