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Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

Best Spout Sprayer For Sale In Pakistan

The flexible 360 turbo spout sprayer flex sock of gooseneck spout sprayer turns it or elastic in whatever direction or angle you want, making it easy to clean oversize supplies in the sink or such as big plates or pan, etc.

It shows a 360 degrees rotatable tap nozzle of this spout sprayer to effortlessly cover the entire sink, convince your various washing angle needs, and tidy up even the most uneasy dishes.

Easy To Assemble:

The flexible 360 turbo flex has an ABS body of flexible faucet sprayer formation verification quality and longevity, pull transfer change diverter valve provides smooth two procedures spout water; it is simple to the assembly for all faucets.

Polished Flex:

The covering texture of the flexible 360 turbo sprayer as a glass effect to easily clean, increased surface gloss texture doesn’t fade, to scratches. The top-quality chrome finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.

Cold and Hot Water:

The soft system and convenient Dow flow. The flexible 360 turbo spout sprayer furnishes a pull switch for comb sprayer and columnar spout.

360 Rotating System:

Whether you are rinsing dishes, hands, delicate laundry, or even the dog, our flexible 360 turbo flex has an extension that expands your reach and helps you get all the tough, hard-to-reach spots. Our 6-inch hose features 2 spray settings. It’s even ideal for rinsing the shampoo out of hair in your salon sink.

Perfect Use:

Our versatile 360 turbo flex spout sprayer connector is excellent for use in the bathroom to help you bathe your pet, kids, or baby! Whatever tap you connect it to; our flexible swivel turbo extender features a rotatable faucet head, that establishes effortlessly on most sinks without the need for establishment equipment.

Necessary Sink Part:

Who perceived a 6-inch nozzle could have so many uses? Whether you establish it in your home, chef or commercial kitchen, utility room, mudroom, or laundry room, this 360 flex turbo spout sprayer makes cleaning tasks easy. You can get your vegetables clean before cooking, wash fruit, or wash your delicates by hand because our sprayer helps get the job done.

Sink Appliances:

Our amazing 360 turbo flex spout sprayer connector is just the device you need to keep your huge sink clean. Our universal plastic hose extender is chrome plated, flexible, and does not require an installer to put it on for you. The hanging hose is one of the best home modification gadgets you can get without having the expense and bunch of a remodel.

Sale! Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan


Best Kitchen Sink:

The 360 turbo flex extender kit arrives with everything you desire for a reasonable install on any sink or faucet in your home. It is featuring two water spray settings and a push-pull nozzle, our 360 turbo flex extender is manageable than a big renovation project and makes washing, cleaning, and other tasks more effortless.

Premium Quality Sink:

It’s time to say goodbye to the jumble and splashes around your sink because here is an excellent competitor to understand your difficulty. Dissimilar to many others, our flexible 360 turbo sprayer is made from premium quality chrome equipment that avoids breakdown and tarnishing and makes it last for years.

Modifiable Setting:

Choose one of the two different modes that this 6-inch nozzle has to offer, Soft bubble or powerful spray generating a champagne impact flow that you can regulate with just one switch. It’s never been understandable!


kitchen turbo flex 360 original price in pakistan
kitchen turbo flex 360 original price in Pakistan


The 360 turbo flex can use it in the kitchen to rinse your dishes, hands, fruits, and vegetables, also in the bathroom so you can bath your pet, kids, and baby or simply to wash the shampoo out of hair in your salon sink thanks to the 360 turbo sprayer that makes all this reasonable.

Easy to Use:

It will help you to save your time, Thanks to this new imaginative quick assemble a procedure that this sink nozzle extension provides. The flexible and convenient turbo flex spray head is acceptable for most of the turbo flex sprayer sink aerators, and the best thing is that you can install it by yourself with no tools needed.

Durable and Reliable:

This turbo flex, Unlike many others, sink aerators on the market that can skillfully deteriorate, this one is made from chrome material that ensures durability and stability for a long period.


Since it suits most faucet sizes, you can take your sink turbo flex sprayer addition to other areas like restrooms, bathrooms, and even laundry capabilities. It is considerable for cleaning the sink, rinsing fruits and veggies, shampooing hair, pet bathing, bathing baby, and many more.

Flexible Sprayer:

The 360-degree rotating system will enable you to rinse off the food from the plates and tidy up them handily!

Benefits of Turbo Flex:

You can start appreciating the benefits of its two conditions that make it susceptible to clear a different of dishes without hazarding a splashy mess around. Just use the switch button and choose the one that is most helpful for your desires.


Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan
Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

 Good Housekeeper:

Do you want to turn your simple kitchen tap into an incredible one? Searching for something that is simple to install? Tired of all that splashes and mess around? If your answer is Yes, then stop finding because now we have our 360 turbo flex sink tap extension spout sprayer is prepared from strong and high-quality material that will last for the years to come.  Our turbo flex will make everything easy for you.


We are a definitive 100% approved company, as per the globally standardize quality confidence system. This ensures that our products do not contain any harmful material, and are also safe for your skin and environment.


The 360 turbo flex is lightweight. They have great water speed. This 360 turbo flex tap is durable, portable, reliable, lightweight, and also reusable.

Less Expensive:

This 360 turbo flex tap is reliable and cheap. It can be used anywhere and has amazing features. It will help you out a lot and no mess created. Our turbo flex sprayer is made in a facility that also caters to other brands.

House Warming Gift:

If you got invited to a house warming party, it’s a perfect gift for them to give because this turbo flex tap will help a lot. It will also enhance the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever they use it. They will definitely love this gift. Also, it does not require any tools. It is very easy to install and use.

Sale! Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan


Long Term Use:

The 360 turbo flex tap is outstanding, and are very durable to meet your long term use. It is suitable for your kitchen, washrooms, bathroom, or wherever you want to install them. It can be used for a very long time.


This 360 turbo flex tap provides an environmentally amazing look, echo Friendly, harmless, durable, and PP material. They are very flexible. This is very convenient for you and it can be used again. You can remove them whenever you want to.

No Tools Required:

This turbo flex tap does not require any tools to install. It is very easy to use and simple to install. You can use it in your bathroom, washroom, kitchen, etc. It will help you to wash your dishes in minutes very easily. No need to worry about big bowls or pans, it can easily wash them.


This 360 turbo flex tap is made of high-quality material, PP material, BPA free, no harmful, and also no danger to your health. It is safe for you and your family. It is eco-friendly, odor-free, and helpful.


This 360 turbo flex tap has remarkable features. This is the best turbo flex tap. It has an amazing 360 rotating system. These are very easy to install. You can also reposition them. You can also reuse it whenever you want to, which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This spout sprayer will produce hot and cold water, also no tools required, and comprises of two spray settings. It is great for you.


It has no risk to buy; the flexible turbo sprayer had tested for the air, water, leaking pressure during manufacturing. It’s definitive that there will be some water remains in the flexible turbo sprayer when you receive it.

Acceptable to pick up:

The modern 360 turbo flex tap are reliable, they are also lightweight, less expensive, and give the best result. It is safe for you and will not break down. This spout sprayer can be used for a long term period.

Sale! Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan


Modern design:

This modern 360 turbo flex tap will look wonderful in your kitchen, bathroom, washrooms, salon sink, etc. It will enhance the look of your kitchen and will protect your dishes. This spout sprayer will not leave any bad smell and will give you clean water, which is incredible and perfect for you. This is an amazing gift for your friends, family, house warming parties, etc. It will look elegant in your kitchen. You can wash your dishes in a modern and easy way. You should definitely buy this item. It’s perfect for you.

Stunning Material:

The 360 turbo flex sprayer head is made of premium quality PP plastic, stainless steel, silicone, it is environmental-friendly and durable to use. The connection and adapter are solid metal brass materials, entirely powerful and decent to prolong the product using life than the plastic, prevent from leakage. The threaded connector and the adapter are made of solid brass materials, all-metal, no plastic

Power Saving:

This 360 turbo flex tap head can modify the water flow from stream to spray. The Water varied with air provides influential spray and high-pressure flow, it is effective to save energy and reduce water consumption, well for environmental protection. It is strong water momentum increases water pressure, making cleaning easily and functionally. Water-saving up to 30%-70% compared with standard bubble faucets. It has High quality, heavy-duty, completely strong enough.

Shower Mode:

The shower mode produces satisfied and uninterrupted water; the water feels soft and rainy. The two incorporated modes come with soothing and dense water, flushing more completely.

How to Clean:

The plastic bottom of the turbo flex tap aerator is divisible for cleaning. There are dense water outlet holes on the stainless steel panel, easy to be clasped with the small thing, Detach the plastic ring in the bottom gently, then clean the stainless steel panel with detergent and clean water; it is simple to tidy up. After clearing the panel, install the accessories in sequence.

No necessity to clear the panel too always, just to rinse it when the water flow is small or could not spray normally from the small holes.

No Hazard Purchase:

Our company is providing the best high-quality products with great quality materials. It is not expensive, it has a manageable price. It will look fabulous in your home. They will help you to organize your kitchen. You will receive the product as shown in the image.


  • Flexible:

The shower hole aerator and body of flexible turbo flex sprayer made of high-quality ABS plastic to avoid splashing, easy to cleaning, and water-saving 30%.

  • Baking Dishes:

The hose gooseneck of flexible 360 turbo sprayer makes the kitchen sink turbo flex tap easy to clean oversize allowances such as baking dishes or oven trays.

  • Smooth pull:

The kitchen sink flexible turbo flex sprayer has a smooth pull transfer lever for comb sprayer and columnar spout water Dow flow. If the connection is leaking, please use the seal tape to be more than 5 circles, and other leaky spots can be used with the sealing tape properly. All threads are of basic fine thread size. For coarse threads, the need to buy oneself a different adapter is required.


The 360 turbo flex is enabling you to make everyday tasks simpler with our flexible turbo sprayer. Whether you install it in your kitchen, chef or commercial sink, mudroom, laundry room, or utility sink, our faucet extender features 2 spray settings and a push-pull nozzle to enable you to get your cleaning tasks done. Our turbo flex sprayer can be rotated 360, so you can easily rinse the sink for 4 sides.

Did I Miss Something?

Now, I would like to hear from you, how would you utilize this marvelous spout sprayer?

Let me know by leaving your comment below right now.

Sale! Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan

Flexible Faucet Sprayer Turbo Flex 360 Price in Pakistan



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