Double Drain Basket Bowl in Pakistan

Double Drain Basket for rice in pakistan

Double Drain Basket Bowl in Pakistan

Shape glossy formation, wall thickness improved to 0.14 inch, the bottom is steady and safer. The multi-function double-layer stainers and colanders contain one green mixing bowl and one straining. Double drain basket bowl in Pakistan clean your vegetables, with double drain basket save your time.


Wide kitchen strainer 2-in-1 and bowl pairs are nontoxic, food rating PP. A double drain basket is reliable and convenient. Colander simple to clean, sink, holes in the bottom, use it for washing, cleaning, or draining. It is a reasonable helper for Kitchen and uses in maximum foods like carrots, potatoes, strawberry, pasta, veggies, and shrimps, etc. The double drain basket is excellent for equipping any kitchen size, RV, caravan, travel trailer.

Colander Strainer Basket for Fruits and Vegetables
Colander Strainer Basket for Fruits and Vegetables

Soak Water Rapidly:

This double drain basket allows water to drain quickly from food. The inner funnel is used for drained and the outer crater is for stocking food. Vegetable strainer using attractive colors enhance the fun and grace to your kitchen decoration and food preparation.

Satisfied Handle:

Fruits colander suits mostly sink shapes and sizes. It has a non-slip handle for protection and also it is very simple to use. Double handles comfort to give you a reinforced proportion when pouring out cookware restore with water and vegetables, so you don’t forfeit your grip.

Sale! Double Drain Basket for rice in pakistan

No Hazard:

We are a sincerity company that directs on the buyer experience. We are proposing the best quality product. The double drain basket is not expensive and it makes your work easy and most of all it does not need much place.

Effortless and Effective:

Our double drain basket is very easy to use. It can be placed in a small area and easy to store. Double drain basket bowl washing strainer noodles will clear away all the dirt from your food, The humanized comfortable handles help it stay in your hands. It is a multi-functional 2-in-1.

Special Features:

A double drain basket is an essential equipment for any modern kitchen. These are precisely designed for cleaning fruits, vegetables effectively. It has bright colors that enhance fun and beauty to your kitchen. Best value Double Layer Drain Basket is a reasonable tool for multiple purposes.

It has impressive characteristics: a tough base helps them to stay strong on any countertop and also protect the bowl. Elongated holes yank water out from the food, plus speeding up the straining method. It is convenient for several uses. The humanized comfortable handle helps to stay in your hands.

Plastic Kitchen Colander Strainer BasketPlastic Kitchen Colander Strainer Basket
Plastic Kitchen Colander Strainer Basket


The double drain basket has a 2-in-1 specific technique much more beneficial than a single bowl or colander. can not absorb, can not wash, food falls handily. Over so several years, we have been thinking about a decent outcome to kitchen water draining in food washing. Now, call it an end to all these problems with our new double drain basket. It has 360-degree rotation, it establishes an entire range of deep cleaning. Turn the semi-circular upside down and it becomes a cover. This strainer can enable drain any drop of water tumbling without fruit or vegetable tumbling through. The double drain basket does not need much area to store it can be placed in a small area, it has broadened edges, considerable draining space, and work fastly. It has nice holes just draining water affecting no food clogging at all.

strainer bowl for kitchen sink
strainer bowl for kitchen sink

Space saver

Acceptable for pasta, vegetables, beans, and cereals, easy to hold various fruits and vegetables for rinsing. A gorgeous kitchen and home gift for housewarming parties, new couples, avid cooks, and more. Neat, Prepare and Serve – These strainers and colanders let you wipe, rinse, shake out, and even satisfy fresh foods shortly, effortlessly, and without the mess. Can function as a salad bowl, fruit basket, or Mixing bowls.

Space-saving layout, Make straining and draining easy, comfy, and stable. Helps amazingly for rinsing and straining fruits and vegetables, soaking a full box of cooked pasta, spaghetti, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach. It is BPA free, so there is no danger of food poisoning as it is distant better than metallic strainers and also Cannot use in the cooker for steaming foods. Since larger and powerful than other same products online. One time can wash large quantities of fruit and vegetables. Easy to Clean. Entirely dishwasher protected grant fast and easy clean up our silicone food strainer is stain and scent resistant and no need to be hand-washed. It had amazing storage capacity and no-risk purchase. We are recommending the best excellent products.


When you’re instructing food in the kitchen and you need to drain out additional fats from your taco meat, water from vegetables, or you want to wash out your salad for dinner, you need a colander that makes it quick and easy. That’s why we are presenting a double drain basket that allows you easily sock them open to develop a low basin for rubbing or soaking your food over the sink in seconds. Formulated with food-grade stable, heat-resistant silicone, our collapsible strainers are manufactured to help you save area in the kitchen but be within short stretch when it’s time to finish off or ready a meal. And because they’re dishwasher safe, stack out delicate on top of one another, they’re the excellent improvement to every modern kitchen! People are getting crazy over facebook.

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Sale! Double Drain Basket for rice in pakistan


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