Large Round Ice Cube Tray in Pakistan

round ice cube tray

Large Round Ice Cube Tray in Pakistan

Our large round ice cube tray in Pakistan holds characteristics of food-grade PP plastic at the bottom and soft silicone material, no risk to health, non-toxic and odor so you can continue to use the ice tray without any worries or doubts.


It can stand a large temperatures range from -40℉ to 446℉. Dishwasher and microwave protected. Best kitchen equipment for black Friday holidays. The hard plastic tray makes it smooth to move and take while full of water. Balance design at the bottom prevents leaning.

Silicone Tray:

The various pure plastic tray which is rigid and simple to crack or pure silicon trays which are too delicate to hold, the ice maker remains soft and adjustable after freezing and simple to hold and take. This tray is durable for long time use.

how to make round ice cubes

Make Big Ice Balls:

Now it is manageable to restore water through a mini funnel, no spilling, or over-filling. Take off the excellent ice balls easily for the cold-resistant and non-stick silicon. 2.5-inch ice balls melt gradually and cool your drink longer. Soft equipment and timely open buckle layout make release effortlessly.

Ideal for Events

Our round ice cube tray in Pakistan proves to be incredible for Parties, summer, Restaurants, Entertaining in the home, Holiday Entertaining, and Holiday Gifts. It makes four fashionable, gorgeous looking ice balls at a time and releases effortlessly from the silicone ice mold tray without cracking.

Excellent for Drinks:

Suit for your cocktail, popsicles, whiskey, wine, cola, iced coffee, or frozen lemonade. Enhance the taste and quality of all your special beverages. It will prove to be a warm gift for friends and a must-have kitchen helper.

You can try the round ice trays to cool your drinks and make summer squeamishness, such as popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies, and colorful fruit juice, alcohol infusions, or add edible flowers, lemon slices or lime wedges to the water.

Leak Proof:

Makes it easy to tidy up and reuse. Frozen Sphere Ice Mold is elegant, has a professional-grade condition with a leak-proof design that makes flawlessly seamless ice balls. BPA free silicone and enables easy deduction of one or two ice balls at a moment. The huge silicone formation makes accurate, slow-melting, and gorgeous looking ice that can easily be removed from the ice mold tray.

clear round ice cubes
clear round ice cubes

Buyer Authorization:

This Reliable Ice Mold Tray Stacks Neatly in the Freezer and keeps your refrigerator organized. It is also leak-free, easy to fill, does not crack while freezing, and won’t tip over in the freezer. We are convinced of our product and know you will like it. We are recommending the best quality product.


Do not load in case of widening after freezing. Do not reserve it in a dry place and prevent immediate sunlight. Disinfect it in hot water before first use.

With the tiny funnel at hand, it is much more effective to fill water, no leakage, and no overflow. Adding about 80 % of water is reasonable. The enhanced bottom showing PP plastic requests a better balance while you hold and take the trays full of water.

Move it around with full water and no leakage. The soft silicone ensures simple discharge after the complete ice is frozen. The ice ball tray does not only make exact ice balls, but also for summer squeamishness, such as popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies, and colorful fruit juice. Add edible flowers, lemon slices, or anything you prefer to the water.

Easy to fill

Incompatible other ice ball molds that have tiny injection holes that are hard for filling water, we offer a mini funnel so that it’s much simpler to fill water without spilling or over-filling. This ice cube tray mold is easy to fill, easier to use. Valuable and easy to hold Strengthened layout at the ground for better balance when positioning and clenching ice cube trays.

Perfect Structure of Ice

And the creative silicone technique makes the ice balls barely pop out in an accurate form. It comes with an elevated hole layout, which makes it usable for additional water flowing out from ice cube molds. 2.5-inch ice ball is big enough for all kinds of your drinks, melting slower and cooling your drinks for a longer time.

large round ice cube tray
large round ice cube tray

No Watering-down of Your Drinks!

Sit back, sip, and slowly taste your chilled drink without it getting all watered down. Made for your drinks ice Cube Molds make an incredible night for your friends, family, and co-workers. Use them for your cocktail, popsicles, iced coffee, infused fruit, infused mint, or frozen lemonade.

Enjoy the coolest moments. Each party is unsatisfactory without a refreshing and chilling drink. Whether it’s whiskey, non-alcoholic drink, or cold coffee, you cannot full the fun without the ice. Why not make it more stunning with the ice balls instead?

Safe and Reliable

Try housewares mixture frozen ice ball maker for exact, slow-melting ice balls. The silicone ice mold tray is created from 100% food grade BPA Free silicone substance. It authorizes instant chilling with slow-melting, without lessening your drinks. 2.5” ice ball mold is safe, leak-proof, and easy to tidy up.

Clear round ice cubes can freeze nearly anything and is microwave safe. So, let’s rock your party with flawlessly seamless ice balls. Frozen ice mold creates sphere ice that has a portable surface area comparable to its mass and melts more slowly, softening your drink evenly without diminishing it making it much needed than traditional ice cubes.

The ice cannot soak up the taste from the freezer. This creates it the freshest, cleanest tasting ice ever. If you would adore having ice in your drink, wouldn’t you prefer Sphere Ice Balls?

It is especially constructed to let you drink in style, with spheres that immediately soften up.

Get Flavored Ice

These molds can also double up as a super-fun supplement to make flavored ice for kids, kids who will go bonkers for a spherical shape of their favorite flavored iced drink. It can also be used for oven cooking for making cakes and other bakery stocks up to 450-degree Fahrenheit.

Our product is excellent for your drink. It’s amazing and you will enjoy your every sip. Hence it will make your drink more enjoyable, also our product is for you and for your children also. They will love their juice or flavored iced drinks. Best kitchen equipment for Christmas. It’s very easy to use and no sticking. People are getting crazy over facebook for these sphere ice molds.

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