Reusable Jar Bags

Introducing Jar Bags


Stand alone reusable jar bags for food storage

Do you need more space to store your food?
Do you often have leftovers?

Mason Jar Zipper Bags in Pakistan

About these amazing jar bags


The coolest Features

Durable Material

Reusable Zipper Snack Bags are made of durable PE materials, which are space-saving, environmentally friendly, tasteless, non-toxic and reusable

Leak-proof Design

With easy-to-use seal design. You only need to slide quickly to seal it. It can prevent food from spoiling.

Travel Friendly

These jar bags are suitable for storing nuts, candy, biscuits, sandwiches, seasonings, pasta, etc. at work, school, travel or camping.


Comes in three different sizes. You can store up to 2-KG by using these three different designs.

leftover food storage jar bags mason jar bags in pakistan

Completely Portable

These 3 different sizes give you complete portability to move around with these jar bags. The design of zipper bags is inspired by realistic mason jars, which will be an excellent decoration in the kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. 

Different Sizes

These storage bags comes in different sizes, as mentioned below:

  1. Large Size = 1000 ml = 1 KG of capacity
  2. Medium Size = 650 ml = 0.65 KG of capacity
  3. Small Size = 350 ml = 0.35 KG of capacity

reusable jar bags size chart in Pakistan

reusable mason jar bags

All in one storage solution

Prefect for traveling, these mason jar bags are designed to be your perfect traveling and camping companion, which is ideal for protect the freshness for a variety of snacks, fruits, veggies, crackers, cookies and sandwich etc.


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zipper jar reusable bags

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