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Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar

Double Partition Jar


This double partition jar is an amazing closing off layout for easy storage. They have amazing colors, also comes with an incredible pattern, and it will help you to store your food and keep them safe. Now you can make your kitchen look sharp and tremendous, and this double partition jar comes with an amazing feature. This is safe and easy to clean, also has a double partition so you can store your dry fruits or your seeds, etc.

Two Section Jar:

This double partition jar conserves two types of food in the same jar without mixing, and the transparent plastic airtight jar has a storage dispenser container with two compartments for cereals, pulses, dry fruits, and many more, accessible in numerous colors, will be given as per the availability.

Secure Closure:

This double partition jar gives a package contains one piece of food storage jar with two sections, and you can save two types of foods, grains, pulses, cereals, flour, snacks, dry fruits, rice, pasta, biscuits in the same jar without mixing. The two clip locks to close the lid safely on the jar. So the dust will not enter the jar and will keep the food safe.

Safe Choice:

This double partition jar is non-toxic, food-grade plastic, and they are simple to clean, freezer-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe, and dishwasher safe. These jars are BPA-free. So don’t worry about it now you can store your food in these beautiful jars.

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These double partition jars equipment fulfill nearly all requirements, and we are sincere in providing the highest standard of quality using better raw materials, and we understand in accepting high standard quality control measures.  Outstanding materials are used to formulate products with advanced systems and technology, so as to give consistent quality products.


These double partition jars have amazing features that will make your work easy and simple, and these jars are reusable and made up of food-grade material. This double partition jar has a see-through lid so no more wasting time opening 10 several containers to find the right ingredient.

These jars are dishwasher safe, Sturdy, and refillable. The lid has an airtight seal that maintains the foods fresh for long, and the dispenser tray can rotate and a hole pours out only the foods that you need. This jar also has two clip locks for secure closure.


The element used in this double partition jar is environmentally friendly, not harmful to the human body aspects. These jars are odor-free and don’t let other dirty stuff to enter the jars. This is non-toxic, PP grade food, and is 100% safe for you.


These double partition jars are very lightweight. They are very sharp and strong. This will make your work easy and fast. These jars are lightweight, durable, strong, washable, and reusable.


This double partition jar can be used in many ways, and these jars are safe and durable storage option for your food. The airtight containers are designed to be odor-free plus keeping the aroma and taste of your stored items intact. You can store a variety of foods ranging from cereals, spices, dry fruits, pulses to salt, sugar, snacks, etc. The structure of the containers also features a clear cylindrical design, helping you to maintain a firmer grip when pouring out contents for serving or cooking.


These double partition jars are made up of PE material, eco-friendly, scentless, non-allergic, we manufactured an airtight container jar which helps you to protect food longer and prevent them from tiding and dirty, keep your food fresh. These jars are reusable, washable, and waterproof, leak-proof, you can also put it in your refrigerator, and this product is safe for your children.

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Perfect Design:

These double partition jar-shaped, the design for theses reusable storage jars are accurate decoration for your kitchen or freezer. They are manageable to be stored in your cupboard, kitchen, refrigerator, and any other spots in your home. It’s a cute storage jar for your children, and they will be delighted when they get biscuits or candies from these jars. They are in incredible color and with this wonderful design.

Use of Jar:

These double partition jars suits for keeping candies, nuts, tea, cookies, and biscuits. Also can be used for storing seeds, peanuts, and other things. This is great for your food saver, category, and storage. Perfect for leftovers, snacks, preparing meals, or anything around the kitchen.

Simple To Use:

This double partition jar is simple to open and close when you use it, and it also protects food. Safe trending reusable jar must-have in any kitchen, household or take it on the go with absolutely zero waste. Each jar is thick with an airtight lock they can be put in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

Easy To Store:

These double partition jars are leak-proof, durable, strong, keep food fresh, came in incredible color, waterproof, you can wash them, you can take them anywhere you want to, and does not require much place, can be placed in small areas and most of all the cheap and beautiful, lovely.

Keep Food Fresh:

These jars help your food to be fresh and your food will not be spoil for a long period, also it doesn’t leave any disgusting smell, we recommend you to use these jars. You can place them anywhere you wish, and these jars are washable, no need to worry about it will make your life easier.

Kitchen Decoration:

The double partition jars released with a great layout will fascinate a new look for the kitchen and can be an excellent kitchen decoration for all seasons, and we are proposing a tremendous look to your kitchen. These jars will give you various decorations, and lovely color dispositions of this jar will be extraordinary improvements to your kitchen.

BPA Free Material:

The double partition jar is acceptable to clean and reusable. They are of with the highest quality chemical-free material, and each jar is stable and insured. They are hand washable and durable.

Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar
Plastic Food Storage Airtight Triple Partition Jar

Long Period Usage:

This double partition jar is usable for a long period, and these jars are excellent, dust-free, meet your long term usage. This is also desirable for your kitchen.


Are you tired of putting food into a smelly container and can’t find the right item? Want to have a good mood? Still, upsetting about establishing your kitchen? No need to think about now, here we establish our new double partition jars that will enable you to want to organize your kitchen and keep your food clean and manageable to store. This will expand the look of your kitchen and will not leave any kind of bad smell, and enjoy your meal with your family and friends.

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Dry up Quickly:

This double partition jar provides an environmentally friendly stunning look, harmless, durable, portable, and reliable. This is very effective for you and also helpful, and it will dry up skillfully or if you put them under the fan will dry out more quickly.

Easy to Rinse:

These double partition jars are very easy to clean, and you can wash them underwater, use a wet piece of cloth to wipe them and even they are dishwasher safe.

Less Expensive:

These double partition jars are portable, durable, and cheap. This is useable in very several and incredible ways, and it will help out you a lot and no mess in the kitchen. Our jars are of an ability that also caters to other brands.

House Warming Party:

If someone invited you to a house warming gathering this is a great gift for them to give because will look tremendous in their kitchen. This will help them to organize their kitchen and other things and this gives an outstanding look, and they will entirely love your gift and makes a stunning smile on their faces.

Water-proof Jars:

This jar gives you a decent double partition. This double partition jar will not break down easily and it will not slip from your hand. These jars are waterproof. No need to worry about that water will reach inside the jar and will waste your food. This will keep them safe and clean for a very long time.

Amazing Organizer:

It’s always worthy of maintaining your kitchen decoration, and this package enables you to keep your food safe. You can rinse and use many times, and they have a lovely color and will look luxurious in your kitchen. Also, store different types of food in these jars and you can put them in your cabinets, shelves, etc.

Small and Reliable:

This jar has several methods for the kitchen, and it works amazingly and manageable to clean. They are small, reliable, durable, and simple to carry.

No Hazard Purchase:

Our company is providing reasonable high-quality products with significant-quality equipment. It is not costly and has an acceptable price, will look tremendous in your home. They will help you to establish your kitchen, and you will receive the product as shown in the image.

Did I Miss Something?

We have given you all the details about this incredible double partition jar. Let us know how you would like to use this double partition jar in the comments down below!

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