Hanging Neck Fan To Cool You Down In Summer

portable neck fan price in pakistan

360° Portable Hanging Neck Fan in Pakistan


This hanging neck fan is a different way while cooking. They have beautiful colors, also comes with an incredible structure. It will help you to make your kitchen look excellent and reasonable. Now you can make your kitchen look sharp and amazing. They are durable and reliable.


This hanging neck fan accepts a personal, hands-free, and headphones layout, you can hang the fan around your neck and take it everywhere. It can either be used as a desktop fan or handheld fan according to your individual needs. Perfect for office home, travel, and camping.

360° Rotation:

The hanging neck fan is approved with the dual wind-heads design that 360-degree universal adjustment, which enables you to adjust the decent wind direction. Easily forwards change the mini fans, enjoy upward air blowing from the neck side. A hands-free style for more convenient usage.

Fragrance Filled:

The built-in sponge, you can dip in your favorite essential oils or perfume at any time. The scent of the fragrance is helpful in offending mosquitoes. A necessity outdoor head fan for any stylish girls, boys, women, and men.


The hanging neck fan is furnished with a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery that works with all USB-port devices without any limitations. Low noise, with 3 adjustable speeds, the rechargeable fan supports Low, Medium, and High speed, one-button control that will last 4-12 hours operation that depends on the speed of the wearable fan.

Long Term Usage:

This hanging neck fan can be used for a long time. This neck fan is impressive, dust-free, meet your long term usage. This is also suitable for other areas of your house. The neck fan is made of premium ABS+silicone. The Low current & high-speed motor greatly extend working time.


This hanging neck fan has amazing features. The neck fan is comfortable, easy to use, value for money, long battery life, lightweight, and warmth. The built-in cotton can be filled with perfume and essential oils. This neck fan has 7 fan blades and free control of wind direction.


The hanging neck fan gives you strong airflow, low noise, 360 rotation, 3 speeds, USB charging, and long working time. This also gives you a one-button switching and neckband design.  Max 8 hours working time, Brush Less motor, super-strong mute wind, Comfortable hands-free operation, and Stylish appearance.

Low Noise:

This hanging neck fan comes with a brushless silent motor and 7 fan blades, this neck fan is extremely quiet and the wind is adjustable with 3 speeds high, medium, and low.

Reasonable to Pickup:

These modern hanging neck fans are generated with high material you can hang this on your neck and cook easily without sweating. These neck fans are valuable, lightweight, and excellent for you.

Tremendous Performance:

This is made of high-quality material, eco-friendly, and protect your skin, so this will not break down when they were located anywhere. These hanging neck fans can also be used for multi-purpose, So you can use it anywhere you want.

Travel Purpose:

This hanging neck fan keeps cool as you travel, go camping, or attend a concert during a hot summer day with the hands-free personal cooling fan. Hang the personal fan battery operated on your neck and watch movies as you lay down.

Wide Use:

Fast rechargeable via USB-C port, the hanging neck fan can get a recharge easily in about 3 hours. Charge by computers, wall chargers, power banks, and other devices with USB output. Wear it around your neck, hold it by hands or place it on desktop, the fan is just versatile for traveling, climbing, camping, shopping, picnic, workout, worksite, home and more.

No Tools Required:

The hanging neck fan does not require any tools. These neck fans are chargeable and tool-free. So this means you don’t need to use any tools to use this. These neck fans are very easy to install and make your work faster than before.


The soft flexible foams conserve your neck from any discomfort. Small but efficient when operating, portable individual fans make minimal noise and making it easy to use anywhere, even indoors. This USB office fan is extremely useful when participating in any outdoor activities or on a daily basis.


This hanging neck fan is perfect for summer indoor or outdoor activities. Such as makeup, camping, picnic, sports, soccer and baseball, climbing, fishing, golf, beach, workplace, office, travel, etc. So you can always enjoy the cool summer.

Terrific Housekeeper:

Are you tired of cooking while sweating? No need to worry about we are representing our hanging neck fan will make your work easy and it is not harmful to your health. This will help you to make your kitchen look clean and one more thing about it is that you can use it for multi-purpose work.

Amazing Design:

The hanging neck fan provides a special hands-free design that you can enjoy the cool wind while doing what you want to do. The handheld fan is useful on lazy summer afternoons and cooling you down at close range. Not will feel tired or uncomfortable when you hang the mini fan for a long time.

Less Expensive:

This hanging neck fan is not much expensive as another neck fan. It is credible and durable. This will make your work 20 times easier and faster. This will help you to organize your kitchen and will look amazing in your home.


The hanging neck fan gives a lifetime 100% great quality. If you are unsatisfied or there is some problem with our neck fan, just feel free and contact us, our customer service company will help you solve your problem within 24 hours, just buying without uncertainty.

Easy To Use:

This hanging neck fan is simple to use. Just press the button it will be on and when you want to off this fan press the same button the fan will turn off. This is very simple to use no need to put effort.


It’s better to tie up your hair before using the portable fan’s battery operated. Recharge the rechargeable fan when it cannot reach the 3rd speed or cannot be turned off.


This hanging neck fan is very lightweight. They are easy to use, very reliable, and durable for you. They are reusable and washable, makes your work faster than before.

Great For Indoor:

This hanging neck fan making it extremely convenient to use in the office, library, or any indoor setting. To begin using, simply hang the neck fan on your neck and press the button.

No Extra Batteries:

The hanging neck fan does not require extra batteries. This neck fan is powered by USB port from desktop computers, laptops, car chargers and power banks, etc. You could enjoy it with 4-12 hours after fully charge because of different speeds.

2020 new portable hanging neck fan
2020 new portable hanging neck fan

Easy to Clean:

The hanging neck fan is easy to clean. You can use any wet cloth to clean it. It will save you time and also it will protect your mugs from dirt and keep them clean. If you use a wet cloth to clean them, it will be better.


The material used in this hanging neck fan is environmentally friendly, not harmful to your skin. The neck fan is made of high quality and gives you tremendous performance. This neck fan is perfect for you and your family.\

Dry out Easily:

This neck fan provides an environmentally friendly incredible look, harmless, durable, portable, reliable. This is very convenient for you and also helpful. It will dry out easily or if you put them under the fan will dry out more vastly.

Extra Airflow:

To achieve instant cooling in the extremely intolerable summer heat, the fan is upgraded to generate more powerful wind than ever before. With 3 speeds optional, you are capable of selecting the most appropriate cooling level for optimal comfort. Uniquely designed with Natural Wind Mode, in which the wind speed varies similar to wind delivered by mother nature.

House Warming:

This hanging neck fan is the excellent gift of housewarming, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving, or for friends and family that already have everything, which looks fantastic in any home. This gives a great look. They will totally love your gift and brings an elegant smile on their faces.

How To Add Perfume:

First, unscrew the neck fan cover by clockwise and remove the cotton piece then drop a few drops of essential oils in the cotton diffuser pads. Put the aromatherapy pads into the battery fan and tighten.

Little and Reliable:

This neck fan has several methods for the kitchen. It works amazingly and manageable to clean. They are small, reliable, durable, and simple to carry.

No Hazard Purchase:

Our company is providing acceptable high-quality products with significant-quality materials. It is not expensive, this has a sufficient price, will look amazing in your home. They will help you to organize your house. You will receive the product as shown in the image. They are easy to use and a special thing about it is that does not require much space and extra batteries.

Did I Miss Something?

We have given you all the details about this amazing hanging neck fan. Let us know how you would like to use this hanging neck fan in the comments down below!


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